What Is Off Page Optimization?

Off-page SEO is search engine optimization, which involves promoting your site outside of the website. On-site optimization refers to work you do on the website you promote, such as adding keywords-optimized images and content. Off-site optimization focuses on linking to other websites. This online marketing technique is based on link-building. Link building involves linking your website with other websites to improve your chances of being found by Google, Yahoo, or other search engines.

Although it sounds simple, you can link your site to other websites and let this trick do its magic. Not at all. Because not all links are positive for your site, search engines may not view them all positively. This means that you should be cautious when building links. If you link to a site that is not registered well with Google or the company, it could defeat the purpose for off-site optimization.

Here are four things to remember when selecting sites to link to:

  1. Relevance – A link to a popular website will not be deemed relevant if it does not refer to something you are doing based on your own website. You should also check to see if the site links to sites of low quality or irrelevant.
  2. Traffic – It is important to think about the market that visits the site you are linking to. This will determine the market you wish to attract to your site. You can link to the site of a well-known fashion designer if you sell clothes for little girls, but it may not be the right market.
  3. Page Rank – Naturally, you want to link to sites with a high page rank. The more favor a site does for yours, the higher its rank in the SERP’s.
  4. Links – It is a good idea to link to sites that have a lot of other links. This can create a domino effect for your site.

Offsite SEO

Link-building is the core of off-site optimization. Links count as votes for your site. Linking with authoritative sites or websites that are well-known online is a good idea. These links are valued by search engines and used to determine how high you should be ranked. If you have authority websites linking to you, it means you have quality content. These authority sites allowed you to link back to them. Search engines will believe you have more quality links than your competitors, so you should aim for a higher page rank.

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