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What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile Marketing uses text messages, push notifications and location-based services to reach customers at specific points in their daily routines. Its primary use is as an umbrella strategy that relies on other tactics such as emailing, digital signage and social media marketing to offer captivating bursts of content tailored precisely to customers. We have a team of Perth Mobile Marketing Consultants who can help you reach your goal.

Mobile Marketing Perth

Why do you need Mobile Marketing?

Saves your money:

It is a strategic marketing plan that utilizes a variety of techniques to attract customers on the go. For those reluctant to invest in expensive ad campaigns or billboards, Mobile Advertising offers a cost-effective way to have your brand seen by thousands of potential customers every day with minimal risk or start-up costs.

Easy to target:

Mobile marketing is about creating, delivering and engaging with content between brands, publishers and end-users while they're connected to the internet. These experiences use devices' inherent capabilities of geolocation and touch input etc. Mobile Marketing takes advantage of all this power in the palm of their hands with targeted communications at any time, and anywhere.

Easy to notify:

It's not just advertising anymore. Oftentimes, mobile marketing in Perth can involve push notifications to keep customers apprised of new opportunities or of current specials. For example, you might be able to use push notifications to let potential customers know of an upcoming sale at their favourite store.

Mobiles are everywhere:

Mobile marketing these days is more than just getting your message on a screen - it's about connecting with customers, educating them, and converting them. Location-based applications provide ready access to relevant information within a specific distance. For example, if I wanted restaurants close by then an application would give me that information fast.

How to Take Advantage of Our Mobile Marketing Perth?

There are infinite possibilities for what you can do with digital marketing thanks to all the different ways of communicating online that are available today. And one way that fits more easily into people's lives is through mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Our mobile marketing in Perth offers services such as:

  • The need for mobile device compatibility makes an audit of the mobile version necessary. The trends show that more and more people are using their smartphones or tablets to access the internet. This makes it imperative for companies to have an active website presence on these devices.

  • Mobile marketing is about relevant content that brands can use to reach their chosen audience, which in turn makes it easier for the brand to gain awareness and sponsorship. The idea behind this kind of marketing is that you provide people with relevant information at exactly the right time, compelling them to take action or purchase a product or service.

  • Designing a website in a mobile-friendly manner may be the best way to guarantee that a site will not be ignored by today's digital consumers. In fact, if you want to have visitors stay with your website for 10 minutes or more you need to design optimization for tablets and phones. Our website developers can optimise your website for mobile users.

  • Our mobile marketing Perth can generate Ads on mobile to help you drive more mobile traffic to your site that search, YouTube or Facebook alone can’t. Beyond delivering a new level of user-generated content and social interaction specifically tailored for a mobile audience, recent research from comScore suggests that mobile ads are the fastest-growing segment in the ad market.


Frequently Asked Questions

First and foremost is having mobile-friendly websites. People who land on your site from a search engine looking for relevant info may leave because your site is less trafficked than another, leading them back into the pattern of never accessing it. If you provide relevant content which is well-written and easy to use then people will stick around but neglecting any one area can jeopardize this goal. Our Perth Mobile Marketing Consultants can help you optimise your website for mobiles and tablets.

Yes, mobile marketing can be expensive. For example, if you are doing text message marketing, the cost of one transmission could be up to two dollars.

That being said, not all features are costly on certain platforms. This allows your market to see your company's updates without spending an arm and leg on targeted advertisements through televisions or ad spaces in newspapers' classifieds section.

On average, smartphone users spend over one hour per day on their phones - that's quite an opportunity to influence behaviour through mobile marketing. It has been implemented as a way for businesses to connect with their current and potential customer base 24/7. A recent study from BrightLocal reported that 49% of consumers track a business on their mobile devices, compared with just 16% who monitor the company via computer.

Mobile marketing is a single technology that spans many categories. It can be used for any of the following things which include but are not limited to.

Mobile banner ads, native apps, SMS/text messaging, location-based services etc.

It is very important because it helps businesses engage their customers with optimized messages that are relevant to them at just the right place and time. For example, if you have a business in Perth you should focus more on text messages rather than advertisements because fewer people will see your advertisement but everyone checks their text messages multiple times daily so being able to reach these consumers effectively will be an advantage for your business!

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