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What is Email Marketing

Email marketing in Perth is an easy-to-use and powerful form of marketing. It's a proven tool that is used by organisations of every type to disseminate information in a timely, accurate, personal and inexpensive way. Whether you want to talk with customers or stay in touch with your current ones, email has been proven the best way to go about it.

Email Marketing Perth

How to Reach More Relevant Leads with Email Marketing

Email is one of the most effective digital marketing channels out there. It's easy to track and it has the highest ROI rate of any digital channel, with an average return of $38 for every $1 spent. We offer powerful email marketing services in Perth that allows you to create lead magnets, autoresponders, and endless email campaigns for your business.

Email marketing goes back quite sometime before the Internet era - even though many still think it’s a technology-born phenomenon. Sending customers new products or special offers by dropping them into their inboxes through a campaign is not only cost-effective but also highly measurable as well as being reliable.

ROI & Challenge With Email Marketing

A return on investment (ROI) measures how you have spent your marketing investments and if they have been effective. When it comes to email marketing, its purpose is to entice a customer into making a purchase or hiring your company as their provider. There are some challenges with these such as declining responses to the email but at the same time, there is an ROI. Studies show that those who engage with emails or online ads by clicking through or forwarding them spend more on those products than those who do not engage.

We have been helping our clients improve their email campaigns and getting them more open rates with ease. We make strategies that are effective and resonate with the pain points of your target audience. You can get in touch with us to know more about our email marketing service in Perth.

We make it easy for you to connect with your customers

More than 83% of business-to-business (B2B) marketers send email newsletters as part of their content marketing strategy. Email newspapers are an excellent way to engage with your audience, as they provide them with information about your brand creatively and entertainingly.

Our email marketing team determines the best strategy to reach your target audience. We offer recommendations on automated campaigns, content strategy, discount recommendations and a plan for ongoing email marketing services.

ZetaSEO is an experienced content marketing agency committed to creating email blast templates that grab the recipients’ attention and let the customer know of your product or service and generate more and more ROI.

Why Choose us as Your Email Marketing Perth

Our Email Marketing in Perth has many advantages. It is the most affordable form of marketing, it allows you to target specific customers, and send personal messages that are highly effective in getting people to visit your website.

When people sign up for an email list they are agreeing to be contacted by the sender. However, they should also be able to unsubscribe with ease if necessary. Email marketing can come in very handy while empowering you with a valuable asset that other forms of advertising will not bring you - your audience's emails!

For those unlikely individuals who never open your messages unless you reach out via phone or mail - which simply doesn't happen anymore because it's expensive - our emails will be waiting for them when they decide they want or need something. And these messages deliver the impression that your company cares about its customers which means more word of mouth and referrals also.

Another advantage is that we can also do bulk email campaigns if one falls short, the rest will still go through for accuracy purposes. Sending 1000 individual emails manually will be much more difficult than uploading them all at once.

Our experts can also take up much less time in generating effective email campaigns; you could easily generate thousands of leads in a matter of hours with Email Marketing versus weeks or months using other methods.

Our Email Marketing Services:

  • Account setup
  • Strategy and action
  • Design email template
  • Generating automated email campaigns
  • Copywriting of emails
  • Email marketing send management


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, indeed, email marketing can be an excellent way of capturing someone's attention if you send them messages that they will find relevant to what they're looking for.

Even though most people now simply go to their email client or click on notifications in their social media app like Facebook, the truth is that there are still many people who don't yet use Gmail - including older adults and less-empowered groups of people.

Email marketing has emerged as one of the most cost-effective digital marketing channels to date. Despite the increase in competition, email marketing still manages to be more effective than less personalised social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter when it comes to generating leads. Consequently, this means emails are still delivering better ROI's long-term ($38 for every $1 spent) than other online activities like PPC, SEO, or display ads

It has been estimated that email campaigns have generated up to five times more ROI than other types of digital campaigns. In addition, according to MarketingSherpa’s 2013 B2B Benchmark Survey, 77 percent of all marketers say they rely on email as their primary method of lead generation; an increase from 73 percent in 2012 and 64 percent in 2007.

It's really the old fashioned way to do things in this day and age, but an email footer is one of the easiest ways to improve Customer experience. For example, spelling out how a customer can contact you can help consumers feel more confident they will be heard when they need it most, and that confidence in a company = higher loyalty. Campaigns are easy to set up and the only tools needed are an email account, internet connection and basic knowledge of HTML code.

Email content can be stored in Excel sheets which provides better control over emails that need specific formatting or when you need to deploy mass emails with unique images personalised to different recipient groups.

Local SEO in Perth is important for businesses targeting their customers at the town level. When you perform another type of search on Google, you can filter by location to see which sites are relevant to your current place. If there's a locally-relevant site that ranks highly down the list (although even if it doesn't rank well), that site may provide information about your town or city that would be useful for travellers who know they're coming here.

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