SEO vs Other Online Marketing Strategies


PPC is another popular online marketing technique that can drive traffic to your site, but when it comes to long-term effects, SEO is at a considerable advantage. An SEO campaign can be stopped, but its benefits do not immediately come to a halt. Traffic will still be driven your way over a period of time after the campaign has stopped. On the other hand, PPC, when stopped, instantaneously stops the direction of traffic to your site as well. SEO is also way cheaper than PPC yet higher in returns.

Social Media

Social media marketing is good, but its reach is rather limited. The only Internet users who can be targeted by this technique are those who are engaged in social media, leaving out those who are not but could be potential customers. With SEO, people themselves look for what they want, and it is up to you, the online businessman, to use the best SEO techniques to get the chance to shine. Social media is free, but unless it is a part of a whole functioning SEO strategy, it could be a waste of time.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is good for keeping existing customers, but a great deal of effort is required when seeking out new customers, not to mention the additional cost that goes with collecting prospects and qualifying them based on their profiles and the possibility that they will become customers. This entails not only extra money and effort but also time. With the tight competition among online businesses, time is always of the essence when it comes to capturing a certain market. With SEO, time is naturally on your side.

SEO vs Traditional Marketing Strategies

There are two main reasons why SEO does better marketing than old, traditional strategies.


  1. The Internet is where customers are.
    • Newspapers: A study shows, newspapers are now generally read by people 50 and above, which is a declining percentage of the total population. This means newspaper ads are likely to touch only a handful of a business’ potential market if there is potential in this handful at all. With search engine marketing, there is an endless market that can be targeted using specific techniques.
    • Radio: Radio can reach more people over a given time than newspapers, but it is very difficult to target potential customers. Although it is possible to place ads on stations with a radio format that targets the same market, this medium has also been gradually replaced by newer music technologies such as the iPod, MP3 players, and even the Internet.
    • TV: TV is a more potent medium compared to the radio and newspaper, but advertisers have also started shifting their ads to their websites where they can present as much information as they need their audience to know. It is also easier to target potential customers on the Internet using proven SEO techniques.
  2. Search engine marketing is cost-efficient.
    • Newspapers: 
      • Yearly ads: $60,000 – $150,000 depending on size
      • Yearly SEO: $12,000 – $36,000
    • Radio:
      • 30-second timeslot : $500 – $2000
      • Monthly SEO: $1,000 – $3,000
    • TV:
      • 30-second timeslot : $200,000 +
      • Yearly SEO: $12,000 – $36,0000
  3. Search engines are SOUGHT by potential customers.
    • Radio and tv may be always accessible, but people do not necessarily listen to the radio or watch TV to know about products they may be interested in.
    • Newspapers are sought but rarely for their ads.
    • SEARCH ENGINES ARE SOUGHT when customers want to BUY SOMETHING.

This works for 75% of all search engine uses.

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