How Does Quality Marketing Bring More Leads?

Your clients love your product or service. You feel like the industry’s best kept secret, but you aren’t getting enough leads. Qualified leads are the ones that come from your target market. You need a multi-step strategy to market your business. This includes increasing visibility and driving traffic to your site, as well as positioning yourself as an industry leader.

Our digital marketing agency will walk you through how content marketing can bring in more leads. This includes everything from making your business visible to turning a visitor into an actual lead.

What sets you apart from the competition?

Before you start to SEO Services in Perth area and creating content, you should evaluate your strengths and weaknesses so that you can appeal to your target audience and map your content and keywords strategy. You may have 15 local law offices, but your firm is a specialist in injury cases, while others are experts in divorce and estate planning. You can use unique keywords and content to highlight a product or service that is different from others. Your differentiators do not have to be in a specific field. You can have any unique thing that makes you stand out from your target market. Using the lawyer example as an example, it might be your free consultations or payment plan options that set you apart. Or, perhaps, the experience and qualifications you have. You’ll have the foundation for your marketing once you identify what makes you stand out.

Increase Search Engine Rankings with SEO

It doesn’t matter what type of business you run, people are searching search engines for what they need. You want to be at the top of search results. Although SEO is a complex process, the rewards are huge if your site is found at the top of search engines for your keywords. Let’s take a look at some steps you can use to increase your search engine rankings and bring more people to your site.


Keywords are the foundation of any SEO strategy. Understanding your audience’s search habits will help you market better. Google Analytics and Keyword Explorer can be used to find out how people found your site. From there, you can also identify trending topics on Google Trends and the keywords you would like to be found for (e.g. “criminal defense lawyer”) to create a list to optimize your website.

Add Location

Unless your business is an online-only one, you most likely serve a particular geographic area. Your H1 (your banner title), title tag and meta title should all include your geographic location. This will ensure that your business ranks well among people who search for “Keyword Near Me” and “Keyword City”.

Find Your Keyword “Hot Spots”.

It is important to add a keyword and a location to all the pages of your website. This will allow you to use the keyword throughout your content. You don’t have to repeat your keyword a dozen times. In fact, Google algorithm looks for keywords that are “keyword-stuffed”. Instead, you should focus on placing your keyword in these spaces:
  • H1 – Your banner headline
  • H2 – Your keyword variation in your H2s, as you continue to expand on information
  • Meta description and title tag are the descriptions of your page that appear in search engine rankings pages.
  • Include your call to actions.

How to create content that builds trust and authority

Although many business owners hesitate to add content to their websites beyond the home, contact, and about pages, there are two key benefits.
  1. Your site is regularly crawled by search engines. If you provide them with fresh, new content to index, they will increase your ranking. This allows you to use your keywords to improve rankings.
  2. You can build trust and increase customer engagement by ensuring that visitors to your website see relevant and useful content via blog articles or informative service pages. Even if someone visits your website to ask a question, they are more likely to return to your site in the future.
Consider these suggestions if you are unsure what type of content you should add to your website:
  • Make sure that every service or group of services has its own page.
  • Make an FAQ page
  • Blogs that align with the seasons. If you are an accountant, then consider “How to get your business taxes in order” or “What’s The Best Way to File my Taxes”.

Every page should have a call to action

Your website should not be the first time someone visits your site. It is important that they take some action. This could be calling to make an appointment, downloading an e-book to sign up for your mailing list, filling out a request form or scheduling an appointment. Every page should encourage the visitor to move on to the next step. Call to action (CTA) is the invitation to take next steps. It can be as simple a button that says “Call Now” or as complex as a graphic inviting people to download a free product. Your CTA should tell your visitor exactly what their next step is. It must also give them compelling reasons to take that next step.

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