Common Mistakes in SEO

You are wondering which part of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) activities you failed. After all the efforts and the investments that you had put into it, success is still nowhere to be found. Surely, you committed mistakes – but where? Which part? Try to review the items below so you can understand:

1. You used the wrong keywords. – You did not do your homework. Before you used those keywords, you should have researched for the most searched keywords and keyword phrases over the Internet and in the industry you belong to. Sometimes, simplicity in words is also the key.

How to make it right: Do your research. Look for an efficient keyword suggestion tool.

2. You did not use tags. – You did not pay attention to the title tag. You left it empty. You did not use Alt tags in your images. You had no description meta tag. Your only focus was on the keywords. But you did not realize that they were the best places for your keywords because search engines crawl there frequently.

How to make it right: Write a 200-character content summary for the description meta tag. Give a page title for the title tag. Make it different from the title of the article. If it has not reached 60 characters, including the name of your company. Likewise, insert text in the Alt tags for images so you can maximize the crawling possibilities of search engines in the pages of your website.

3. You did not make the effort to educate yourself constantly. – Several months after you successfully started your SEO campaign, you were surprised by the unfortunate news that your site traffic has suddenly dropped. One of your competitors that used to be the poor third dramatically improved its site and took on the first place. You could not think of any possible reason. You did not make any changes in your effective approach so how come this happened? Where were you all these months? Google and other search engines made a few changes to update how the spiders should crawl, read and index a web page and you did not know? That is where you committed a mistake – you did not change anything.

How to make it right: Do not be too comfortable in your place. Search engine ranking algorithms change with time. What you know as the truth now may be a lie tomorrow. What may be the best SEO strategy today may only be good after several days. This is why it is very important that you continuously educate yourself about SEO.

4. You did not place keywords in your URL. – You are stuck in using dynamic links.

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