Basic SEO Terminologies


For you to be able to understand the whole aspect of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you have to learn first the basic terminologies used by SEO experts, web developers, and others. Here are some of them:

1. SEO

Okay, you know that it stands for Search Engine Optimization. But do you have any idea what this term refers to? To simply explain: SEO relates to the performance of activities that will help design your website according to the ‘preference’ of search engines so they can easily crawl, understand and index your website.

2. Keyword

A keyword can be a word or a set of words that you or your writer will use in the title and body of your content, page title, description, and others. This is to enable search engines to easily find the relevance of your website to users’ queries and to allow users to understand the subject of your content so they can readily choose your site among those listed on the search engine results page.


SERP or Search Engine Results Page refers to the listing of websites that search engines believe to carry information that is relevant to users’ queries. Each of these sites contains keywords or keyword phrases that match the words and phrases typed by the users in the browser. Depending on how long the list of websites the search engines find to be appropriate to the query, SERP is often divided into multiple pages.

4. Backlinks

These are hyperlinks that direct readers to your website when clicked. They are also called incoming links and inbound links.

5. Internal links

These are links that are spread over the pages of your website. These links direct your visitors to other pages on your site.

6. PageRank

PageRank is how search engines see the importance of your site.

7. Anchor Text

It is the visible text for a link. Through this, visitors have the idea that the page where they will be directed will contain the information that refers to the anchor text.

8. Bounce Rate

This refers to the number of visitors who go to your website but leave immediately after realizing that the link or the URL does not direct them to the information they need.

9. Index

The word index is both used as a noun and verb in SEO. As a noun, it sorts of function as a dictionary where search engines check the keywords, keyword phrases, and related sites. As a verb, it means the act of search engines to crawl and store the web page address .

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